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“Phil Stringer is on a mission to change lives and help fellow real estate practitioners become all that they can be. Well on his way to putting his dent in the universe, take heed. Phil will either see you at the top or from the top!”

Hey, I'm Phil!


My career kicked off at a young age when I dove into the exciting world of online arbitrage. I set up a nifty business, buying and selling products across the nation. Even as a teenager, I managed to rake in some serious cash by learning about sales and marketing all on my own.

When I turned 18, I embarked on my formal sales journey with General Electric. Guess what? By the end of my very first year, I was named the Top Sales Agent worldwide! I had a closing rate that was a 1,180% higher than the average agent. 

Fast forward 15 years, and I've fine-tuned my sales, team building, coaching, and business skills. I'm currently the Chief Operating Officer at one of North Carolina's most successful real estate brokerages and I coach agents all across the country.

But that's not all...

Recently, I created a fantastic study program that helps real estate students in North Carolina breeze through the National and State exams on their first attempt. By setting up these agents for success early in their careers, I've built an incredible network of agents to coach and support. And now, my system is expanding, with real estate schools all over the country eager to partner with my brand. 

I have a deep passion for music. I absolutely love singing and performing. It's been my creative outlet since I was a young in diapers. And one of my absolute joys in life is leading worship and belting out tunes at my local church. But you know what truly brings a smile to my face? Being a father to my three amazing kids—Nora, Hudson, and Mila. They light up my world.

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